Why is My Welder Sputtering?

When you attain a certain level of experience in any skillset be it welding, carpentry or really anything else of practical value, suffice it to say that the chances of mistakes occurring become a lot lower than would have been the case had you been some kind of neophyte. However, sometimes even the experts end up facing issues, and some of these issues might have to do with technical problems that they would need to solve lest they reduce the overall quality of their welds at the end of the day.

welder migOne of the most common issues that makes pro welders look up troubleshooting guides involves their welder sputtering and sparking. This can create a very poor quality weld that would be brittle as well as very aesthetically unappealing, and it can be really challenging to be precise to any extent if this is something that starts to occur. A likely cause for your welder sputtering is suboptimal resistance or conductivity because of the fact that this is something that can prevent the flow of current from being all that consistent which makes the welder send extra surges of current to make up for the inconsistency.

However, there is also a strong chance that your wires or other components have gotten a bit dirty over time. Cleaning them up should do the trick by helping you avoid sputtering in the future. It’s also really beneficial to clean out your welding components as often as you can so that you can prevent sputtering from ruining the hard work that you are trying to do on all of your jobs. Once a weld is spoiled it can be quite difficult to fix it.

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