Why Does YouTube TV Have Ads?

YouTube has more or less changed the kind of content that we consume on a daily basis, and it has given small scale content creators the chance to obtain a following that they would not have been able to gain access to in the days when TV was the only place where expensive shows and movies could be aired outside of the theater.

youtube tv free trialThe platform has started to move into more traditional TV territory as well by launching the YouTube TV service which quite a few people have started to become rather interested in these days.

Using a YOUTUBE TV PROMO CODE can help you to check this service out without having to empty out your checking out, but once all has been said and is now out of the way you might still notice a few ads when you start to utilize this service initially. The reason behind this is that YouTube TV comes in several tiers, and if you pay for the cheapest tier which is also the least premium one you will be shown ads so that YouTube can earn a bit more revenue from you than might have been the case otherwise.

This is something that YouTube needs to do in order to get their platform on its own two feet. If you are annoyed by having to see these ads, you can get rid of them by trying to pay for a higher tier. The higher your tier is, the fewer ads you would have to see, and the most expensive one is designed to prevent you from having to see any kinds of ads at all which would be ideal for most users.

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