What is The Average Cost to Clean an Area Rug?

While many homeowners attempt to clean their area rugs by themselves, hiring a professional cleaning service to do the task can also be beneficial. However, if you have an expensive rug in your house, which needs special care, you should call an expert who can handle cleaning that rug professionally without ruining it.

Let’s discuss how much it might cost you to get an area rug cleaned with carpet steam cleaning.

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Cleaning Costs of Area Rugs

Area rug cleaning service is charged per square foot. Therefore, in order to get your area rug cleaned, you should first determine the size of your area rug in square feet.

However, if the area rug cleaner provides you with the cleaning cost right away without mentioning per square foot cost, make sure you ask them that. This is the best way to avoid getting overcharged for an area rug cleaning service.

Usually, depending on the type of area rug you have, you might be paying around $2 to $6 per foot.

Material of Your Rug

Another considerable factor in determining the overall price of area rug cleaning service is the material of your rug. For example, for an area rug made with synthetic materials, the cleaning process will be much easier since synthetic materials are not as delicate. Therefore, cleaning such types of rugs would be the cheapest.

However, for rug materials like silk, wool, and jute, the cleaning process is very difficult, and you should expect the first care food price to rise by 20% to 40% as well.

Moreover, the type of construction method used to make your rug also matters a lot. For example, rugs made with machines are strong, and they can be cleaned easily. On the other hand, hand-tied rugs can cost you considerably more money to get cleaned.

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