What Foods to Avoid If You Have Glaucoma?

Allopathic medicine is widely known for being the best resource if you want to effectively manage the symptoms of any illnesses that you are starting to get frustrated by, but people sometimes tend to rely on it exclusively. This is not an indictment of allopathic medicine by any stretch of imagination, rather what we are trying to say is that people assume taking medicine means that they no longer need to focus on other aspects of their life that will be leading to their current state of poor health at the end of the day.

ophthalmologist near mePeople that suffer from glaucoma will usually visit an ophthalmology clinic and take all of the eye drops that their doctor prescribes, but it can also be immensely helpful for them to maintain a good diet as well on top of everything else. Taking your medicine is always going to be absolutely mandatory, but by consuming a proper diet that is devoid of any foods that will make your glaucoma worse can help make the medicine more effective, and it will allow the medicine to take effect a lot more quickly as well for the most part.

Foods that are really bad for glaucoma patients include anything that contains a large amount of transfat. That means that you should avoid eating margarine as well as other kinds of fried foods. Fried chicken and French fries are like poison for anyone that has glaucoma, and they should also avoid things like cookies, cakes and other such treats. This covers a lot of the tasty food that you would want to eat, but allowing yourself one cheat day a week makes it easier to avoid them.

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