What Do I Need For a Pressure Washing Trailer?

If you want to go about starting a business in the broadly profitable field of pressure washing, using a trailer to get to where your clients are located will vastly improve your work efficiency in ways that would amaze you. There is a pretty good chance that a trailer that is large enough to house the entirety of your pressure washing setup would give your business a shot at exponential expansion, and since this is no laughing matter we are going to tell you what you need to put in this trailer to get your pressure washing services underway.

starting a pressure washing company

The first and arguably most crucial thing that you need for your trailer based pressure washing service is a water tank. The truth of the situation is that trailers are mostly useful because of how much weight they can carry, and you should take full advantage of this by using a water tank that is absolutely massive and that can store hundreds of gallons of water. Now, a water tank is definitely great, but the fact of the matter is that it won’t be much use without some hoses that you can attach to it.

Buying a few spare hoses is something that we would highly recommend, since this can keep your business running if one of them starts to leak. Another thing that we would suggest is that you buy a set of nozzles that can facilitate varying degrees of pressure per square inch. Finally, it doesn’t hurt to have some spare fuel in your car, as this can guarantee that you would get to the door of your customers just in time to meet your deadline.

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