Meet Our Brewer Andrew Posey

Meet our Brewer, Andrew Posey. Andrew comes from New York, as he was a homebrewer there for 5 years! He ended up interning at SixPoint Brewing in Brooklyn, NY where he gained a lot of knowledge to take along with him during his brewing adventures! Andrew then moved here in 2013 and ended up getting connected with our owner, Andy Salyards, as he started working for Urban

Comfort as a server, he was approached by Andy to start brewing under Franz, who was originally our brewer and comes from the Lagerhaus in Palm Harbor! There he gained so much knowledge and information that he has now become our full time brewer here at Urban Comfort! He is doing a stellar job! This week, be on the look out for his newest brew, the Motueka Pale Ale! He’s also got in the works, a Coffee Porter that he will be brewing with Black Crow’s Coffee. We can’t wait!