How to Put a Quick Disconnect on Pressure Washing Gun

Pressure washing is widely renowned for being among the most efficient ways to clean your house or anything else that you had in mind, but there is a pretty good chance that it can be a relatively dangerous thing as well if you don’t exercise a fair degree of caution. This is because of the fact that the high level of pressure in the jets can become so powerful that they can literally slice through solid wood, and you can just imagine how much damage it would do if the pressure is on high and the red nozzle is being used when the jet hits some part of the human body.

That is why it is so crucial to use a quick disconnect on the gun that you are using for commercial pressure washing and the like. The truth of the situation is that this quick disconnect addition is easy enough to incorporate. It can screw directly onto a hose, so if you split your sixty foot hose up into two sections comprising thirty odd feet each, you can attach each of them to one end of the disconnect button.

This makes it so that you can quickly switch the pressure off in situations where someone might be in the line of fire. The fact of the matter is that doing so can help you save your own life and limb because sustaining an injury can potentially lead to you dropping the pressure gun and sending the jets flying in every single direction which would obviously result in much more unnecessary damage occurring. This is a safety feature that everyone should definitely try to use.

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