How to Make Carpet Cleaning Solution With Vinegar For a Steam Cleaner

Vinegar is a delicious thing to consume, and as if that weren’t already enough it also tends to be extremely healthy for you in small amounts if consumed with an admirable level of regularity. However, it would be a mistake to look at vinegar solely through some kind of a culinary lens. At the end of the day, vinegar has numerous applications in the world of carpet cleaning, so suffice it to say that you need to know how to use it properly because the results are amazing beyond belief.

advanced carpet cleaningMost carpet cleaning companies use steam cleaners to remove clumped up filth from matted rug fibers, but you should also use a vinegar solution because of the fact that it kills mold that might not be visible but is regardless weaving its mycelia web unbeknownst to you. The thing is, you can’t just pour straight vinegar onto your rug due to the reason that this would make it smell like a vinegar factory! It’s much better to dilute the vinegar, since this maintains its cleaning properties and also makes the smell negligible if it even exists at all.

Mixing a cup of vinegar into a gallon of water is just what the doctor ordered, and if you really want to take your carpet cleaning to a whole new plane of existence you can add a few drops of dishwashing liquid as well. This potent concoction becomes greater than the sum of its parts. When the soap meets the acidic vinegar, they turn into something brand new that will leave your carpet looking like a work of art no matter how dirty it was.

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