How Much Do Mini Dental Implants Cost?

Losing a tooth is something that can leave you feeling like you no longer have any hope for living a life that is the least bit enjoyable from here on out, but there is a pretty good chance that there are quite a few solutions that you can look into that you may not have thought of before. There are those that would suggest that you get some dental implants, but suffice it to say that these implants are so expensive that you would be fearful of ever even asking a dentist about them.

types of dental implants

Now that we have gotten the obvious out of the way, it is time to discuss mini dental implants. The fact of the matter is that if you were to get implants from this dentist that are of the mini variety your wallet and bank account would thank you for it and your mouth would as well! This is because of the fact that mini implants are a lot cheaper at about a third of the price of a regular implant, and they most definitely get the job done.

The main difference between a regular implant and a mini implant is that the latter is about as thick as a toothpick but the truth of the situation is that that really doesn’t matter at all if you need to get a smaller tooth replaced. Regular implants are only necessary for things like major teeth such as your incisors or molars that are close to the front. Teeth at the back can be much more easily repaired and that’s definitely the sort of thing that more people should be made aware of in our humble opinion.

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