How Long to Stay Off Carpet After Steam Cleaning?

It might be inconvenient to have to think about this, but you really need to stay off of your rug after you have just gotten it cleaned with a steamer. There is a pretty good chance that jumping the gun and placing your feet on the carpet just seconds after the steaming process was performed will result in a situation wherein all of your efforts will have been in vain. This is because of the fact that a moist rug will basically turn into a pilgrimage site for all manner of foul odor causing creatures that you would never want lurking in your home.

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The ideal amount of time that you should stay off of your carpet for is around twelve hours, and most carpet cleaning companies would agree that this is the bare minimum. The truth of the situation is that your carpet might still be a little wet after twelve hours because its fibers are more absorbent than anything else you might have witnessed. Hence, taking it to twenty four hours can help you stay on the safe side of things.

The fact of the matter is that it’s not just you that has to stay off the carpet. You should keep your pet animals off of this rug too, because they tend to walk around without any coverings on their feet so they can be veritable petri dishes that would make your carpet stink like a toilet if it is still damp. The best thing to do is to just shut the door of the room where the carpet is set up so that no one is tempted to enter it before it is dry.

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