An Essential Safety Tip For Pressure Washing

We feel like not nearly enough people take adequate safety precautions when pressure washing, and this is creating an alarming number of mistakes that are injurious to those foolish enough to make them. Safety tips for pressure cleaning can save you from a lot of harm, and it can also protect those that are around you from getting hit by errant sprays and the like. Even if you are of the opinion that you already know all there is to know about pressure cleaning safety, there is a pretty good chance that you could do with a refresher course so you should listen up while we give it to you.

what setting to pressure wash deckThe truth of the situation is that the most fundamental safety tip that we can give you for commercial pressure washing is that you should keep the nozzle at least one to two feet away from the surface that you are cleaning. This is because of the fact that bringing it closer can make the force so great that it might pierce through wood, and even brick is not safe since it could experience deep scouring and scratch marks that will be impossible to get out.

From a safety angle, keeping the nozzle around two feet away helps you to control the spray a lot better. The fact of the matter is that you need to be in full control of the pressure jets otherwise they can quickly spiral out and wreck all of the items that are in your vicinity. The closer you bring the nozzle to the surface, the more intense the pressure blowback will be and it might even damage the machine over some time.

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